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Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) incorporation also known as LLP registration, is an alternative business vehicle for combining business that combines the characteristics of a private company and a traditional partnership.

The LLP formation provides its partners with limited liability company status and facilitates internal adjustment through LLP agreements between the partners. This combination will give entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs a more structured business vehicle than a sole proprietorship or a traditional partnership.

 company registration in hyderabad

The LLP provides the flexibility to control the business management as per the partnership agreement while enjoying a limited liability position compare to the register company which is subject to its strict compliance require under the Companies Act 2013. The big advantage of establishing LLP registration in India is that it has a separate legal entity from its partners and it combines the benefits of both the company and the partnership into a single organization.

In Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) registration, one partner is not responsible or liable for the misconduct or negligence of another partner; this is an important difference from an unlimited partnership.

llp incorporation

LLP incorporation in Hyderabad – Secunderabad provides simple and flexible processes in terms of LLP and management inclusion and adheres to a smaller number than other companies. In an LLP, all partners have a limited liability company for the protection of each individual in the partnership, much like the shareholders of a corporation. The limited liability partnership is manage in accordance with the LLP agreement, however in the absence of such agreement, the LLP will be govern by the framework provided under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 (LLP Act). The LLP incorporation in Hyderabad – Secunderabad process is less complicated than other types of business.

Procedure of LLP incorporation

Get a digital signature certificate

The first step in this process is to get the DSC of the desired partners of the LLP incorporation in Hyderabad – Secunderabad as all the forms have to be submit online and hence, the director will be require to sign by digital signatures.

Apply for DIN (Director Identification Number)

The next step in the registration process is for all the directors to file for DIN number, for which application has to be made in Form DIR-3.

Apply and get name approval for your LLP

In the process, you will do LLP incorporation in Hyderabad – Secunderabad but before that, you need to have a name and check whether the same name has already been taken, on the free search facility on the MCA portal. If not go ahead with the same name, but if yes then you have to search for another name.

formation of llp

Also, the name should not be like any existing trademark, name or body. If deemed appropriate and desirable, the Registrar will approve the name of your LLP Incorporation

Inclusion of LLP

The form used for the insert is FLLP which will be file with the Registrar with the state jurisdiction of the register office of LLP. If the name apply for is approve and reserve this name will be fill in as the proposed name of the LLP.

File an LLP Agreement

The LLP agreement is extremely important in a limited liability partnership because it determines the mutual rights and duties between the partners and between the LLP and the partners. Upon LLP registration, partners enter into an LLP Agreement by submitting Form 3 online on the MCA portal within 30 days of enrollment.

LLP Incorporation Certificate

Once approved by your MOA and AOA Registrar, and then comes the LLP Incorporation Certificate. You can do this by submitting all the documents to the registrar within a time limit of 2 to 12 days. 

Apply for PAN, TAN and bank account

Once you have received the certificate of investment, you need to apply for your company page and TAN

NSDL costs less than an amount and takes about three weeks to complete.

llp registration in hyderabad

Merits of LLP

Easy to register

LLP formulation is a simple process and requires minimal formalities.

New form for business

This is legal and differs in the popular form for starting a business in India as all the approvals given by the ROC.

Physical corporate

LLP is just like a private limit company, all partners exist separately from LLP and LLP is a separate entity in the eyes of the law.


LLP is a separate legal entity and from its partners. The obligation to pay its debts and no legal suit by LLP than its partners, because both LLP and partners are different from each other.

Perfect success

The registered LLP has its own identity and permanent successor. If any change is made to the LLP partner the LLP will remain the same and the LLP will exist until its legal windup.

Easy transferable

If a partner leaves the LLP or someone has to confess, it is simple and easy according to the LLP agreement. 

Low compatibility

Adherence to LLP is very little compared to private limited.

Recent news

Gaurav Mohan, chief executive of AMRG and Associates, said the move could be see as the beginning of the imposition of sections of the Companies Act on LLPs. “Currently, LLPs have simple rules of compliance which result in limitations on the ROC’s power to oversee the affairs of such organizations.

By enforcing further provisions of this Act, L.O.P. Will be investigate and the power of the ROC will be test which is currently limited to companies alone. It will be a pioneering move to impose more compliance standards in the dubious organizations that have taken the path of LLP keeping in view the requirements of compliance with the Companies Act 201ms. ” Nanjia Arnderson’s partner Vishwas Panzier explained that it has been found that a large number of companies and LLPs have not filed legal documents, making them liable for fines and legal action for such compliance.

limited liability partnership

The MCA is taking steps to regularize such non-compliant companies and has introduced the Condition of Company Law Settlement Scheme, 2014 and Delay Scheme 2018, in which companies were give an opportunity to waive delays in filing documents and give them immunity from legal action. Recently, the MCAA amended Section 460 of the Act to apply to LLPs. The Ministry has reported a number of instances in which the LLP has been disqualified for various reasons such as disqualification of designated partners / director, need to affix digital signature certificate of two appointed partners (DPs) on annual basis. R.C. Could not file annual documents with. And the activation of the DIN of such unqualified DPs.

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