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LLP Registration in Hyderabad

LLP Registration in Hyderabad

LLP registration in Hyderabad is a straight forward task. This form of business is important since it offers benefits of limited liability to the partners at less compliance cost. It is also flexible for the partners to organize the internal structure similar to traditional partnership. An LLP is a legal body according to Section 3 of Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008. It is liable for the full extent of its asset. Unlike a traditional partnership firm, a limited liability partnership has the perpetual succession. Death, insolvency or retirement does not affect the existence of the company. Also the LLP can be defined as hybrid between a company and the partnership.

Features of Limited Liability Partnership

No initial capital requirement

There is no requirement for the initial capital allocation. We can invest whatever we wanted to invest.

There is no restriction in the number of owners

There are no restrictions in the count of owners. The minimum counts of partners are 2 and the maximum count is infinite.

Less pricing compared to other business streams

The registration cost of Limited liability partnership is less compared to other business streams.

Convenient Structure

The registration and management of LLP is convenient compared to other. We can customize the options according to the owners.

There is no compulsory Audit

LLP require audit in the below cases like the initial capital exceeds 25 lakh and the turnover exceed 40 lakh.

Less compliance

LLP have to face less compliance as they have to file two statements like the annual return and statement of accounts and solvency.


  • What is LLP?

    The LLP is a mixture of company and partnership firm. It has limited liabilities unlike partnership firm and less compliance unlike the company. It is governed by limited liability act 2008. There is an agreement between the partners to ensure the relationship between them. We can choose any number of owners and the initial capital amount. The minimum number of partners is 2 and there is no maximum requirement.

  • What are the requirements to incorporate an LLP?

    Fill the application for Digital signature Certificate

    Reserve the LLP Name

    Fill the application for registration along with Director Identification number

    PAN & TAN application

    Filing the LLP Agreement

  • 3) What is DSC?

    Digital signatures is an electronic signature which is easily transportable, cannot be imitated by someone, Solubilis gets your Digital Signature in a recorded time at an affordable cost for the clients to handle e- governance.

  • Does Audit is mandatory in an LLP?

    Account registration at PrepBootstrap is only required if you will be selling or buying themes. This ensures a valid communication channel for all parties involved in any transactions.

  • How can I close my LLP?How can I close my LLP?

    LLP can be closed in many ways

    1. Declaring the LLP as obsolete

    2. Winding up the business voluntarily The MCA can also be default the LLP in the below cases

    The MCA can also be default the LLP in the below cases

    1. LLP can be declared as out-dated when the minimum number of partners reduced to the minimum of 2 for more than 6 months.

    2. If it is not filed the annual forms with MCA for 5 years

    3. Not able to pay the debts