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Process Of LLP

Process of LLP Registration in Hyderabad.

Digital signature Certificate

Firstly, you have to apply for the DSC before step up into incorporation. The DSC should be of the designated partners. The LLP Documents and the applications all are come under digital schemes. Thus getting DSC is mandatory. Government enable the DSC to the appropriate partners. Based on the agencies the DSC completion cost varies. Getting the DSC under standard cost is all entrepreneurs’ prospect.


The DIN is Director Identification Number of the designated partner. The form DIR-3 is mainly used for the DIN creation. The document’s scanned copy is attached with the DIR-3 form. The form should be signed by the company secretary or by the managing director of the existing company.

Reservation of LLP name

The central registration centre under Non-STP is capable for filing the name reservation for the proposed LLP. We can get the free name search facility on the MCA Portal. We have to do this process before quoting the name in the form. The portal generates resembling names of the companies regarding the search criteria. This is really helpful for getting the unique name. The form should be accompanied with fees regarding the Annexure A. If there any default occurs, it will be made within 15 days after the real submission.

LLP Registration

The Form for incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership is mainly for the incorporation of an LLP. It should be filed with registrar over the state where the premise is located.

Fees should be paid as per Annexure A.

The allotment application should be carried by two individuals only.

The reservation application should be made through Fillp.

If the name get approval, then the reserved name should applied as the proposed name.

File the LLP Agreement

The agreement made the connection between the partners in the LLP. The agreement should be file on form 3 on the MCA portal. Within 30 days of incorporation the agreement have to file.